10 Southeast Asian horror films you’ve probably never heard of

Patrick Libunao
Oct 18,2016

Discover new chills and thrills with these 10 horror flicks from Southeast Asia.

1. Macabre


You could call this “Indonesia Chainsaw Massacre.” This film follows a murderous cannibal family, not unlike the Sawyers, that attack a unsuspecting group of travelers, a group that includes a pregnant woman. Yes, a pregnant woman – now you’re worried.

2. The Forbidden Door


Some doors are not meant to be opened, especially the ones described as forbidden. This Indonesian psychological thriller takes that idea of “curiosity” and weaves it into a complex and thought-provoking movie, one that you’ll probably have to watch twice.

3. Vengeful Heart


Ever wonder what would happen if you had a heart transplant and, by chance, got one that was cursed? Didn’t think so. But if you are curious, you can find out in one of Vietnam’s highest-grossing horror flicks.

4. Raat


Kittens are cute. Evil spirits are not. Evil kitty spirits? Maybe. This cult classic from India begins when our heroine is possessed by the spirit of a dead kitten.

5. Shutter


This Thai film will probably be the millennials’ nightmare. Centered around the premise that photos capture the afterlife, you’ll probably be having second thoughts about your next selfie.

6. 4bia (Phobia)


This Thai horror anthology has four films in it, each one bringing in their own share of scares. Fair warning though, you may catch your own phobias from watching these films.

7. Shake, Rattle, Roll (series)


This is a bit of a cheat on the list because this Filipino film is actually a series of movies. Each installment features at least three films, but you might as well start with the first, which includes a film about a human-eating refrigerator. You read that right, a fridge monster!

8. Feng Shui


One of the Philippines’ top grossing horror films of all time, also features one of the creepiest ghosts in Asian horror: a foot-bound old woman. Might not sound scary, but her tiny feet pitter-pattering across the floor is enough to run a chill up your spine.

9. The Maid


Haven’t gotten your fill of creepy Asian ghosts? You know, the kind, long black hair, white dress, creepy – really, really creepy? Then watch this Singaporean film about a maid being haunted by vengeful ghosts. Talk about worst job ever.

10. The Eye


This Singaporean film, about a woman who is able to foresee the gruesome deaths of those around her, might be known better by its American counterpart of the same name. However, the original far surpasses any of the chills Jessica Alba could ever hope to instill.

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