5 K-pop Tracks That’ll Bring Out Your Rebellious Spirit

Mary Grace Costa
Sep 07,2017
EXO's "Monster"EXO's "Monster"

With highly polished music and video production, K-pop artists know how to swing a concept and express a mood. While most releases go for a dance or a romantic vibe, some songs will put you in the mood to fight:

“Sixth Sense” – Brown Eyed Girls

This throwback Brown Eyed Girls track is as hard-hitting and dramatic as it is sultry and seductive, which makes it a great pump-up jam for venting your frustrations about society.

“Action” – NU’EST

How NU’EST didn’t take over the K-pop scene with this song will forever be the biggest mystery in our books. “Action” is a hyped-up track with powerful lyrics to match.

“Wake Me Up” – BAP

Pretty much any BAP song will get you riled up, but this song and the accompanying music video will get you especially pumped for justice.

“Monster” – EXO

The pounding bass and soaring vocals in EXO’s “Monster” lend it some extra gravitas, the kind that’ll get you in the mood to stick it to the man.

“Female President” – Girls’ Day

Girls get the job done in Girls’ Day’s “Female President,” a powerful anthem for women in leadership and the young girls who look up to them.

Pumped up yet?


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