6 Asian Films on Netflix to Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

Mary Grace Costa
Oct 11,2017
"The Silenced""The Silenced"

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” might be killing it in the box office, and Hollywood has given us more than a few American horror classics, but when it comes to terrifying flicks, one should never discount Asian filmmakers’ ability to seriously spook an audience. Films like “Ringu” and “Ju-on” inspired movie creepers like “The Ring” and “The Grudge” and made Asian horror a go-to category for Halloween entertainment. Here are six Asian films — some sure to make your skin crawl, some with a bit of good old camp — available to stream on Netflix for when the midnight hour is close at hand:

“The Silenced” (2015)

A young Korean girl in the 1930s transfers to a remote boarding school, where she starts to notice suspicious things happening to the other students.

“Horror Story” (2013)

American horror movie characters don’t get a monopoly on bad decisions — seven unassuming friends make the horrendous decision to spend the night in a haunted hotel in this Indian horror flick.

“Office” (2014)

An unassuming office worker is found to be guilty of murdering his wife, and he’s turned his sights on his co-workers. It’s up to a detective to stop the carnage in this Korean slasher-thriller.

“P” (2006)

A young Thai girl turns to prostitution to help her impoverished family, but when a customer dupes her, she uses black magic to get revenge.

“Ludo” (2015)

A night of scandalous fun in a closed down mall turns into a nightmare when four friends run into a mysterious couple who invite them to play a cursed game of Ludo.

“1920 London” (2016)

A woman has no choice but to consult an occultist after she becomes convinced that her husband is possessed by black magic in this Indian horror film.

What’s your go-to Halloween flick?

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