Maya Erskine Relives Middle School in Hulu’s New Adult Comedy ‘PEN15’

Tae Hong
Jan 10,2019
Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle in Hulu's "PEN15"Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle in Hulu's "PEN15"

Hulu’s new R-rated adult comedy “PEN15,” from The Lonely Island, stars Maya Erskine playing a 13-year-old version of herself in the year 2000.

Erskine, alongside her co-writer and co-executive producer Anna Konkle, depicts life in middle school “as it really happened.” Dallas Liu will also appear as Shuji, Maya’s older brother.

Erskine, who is half-Japanese, has been seen in Amazon Studios’ “Betas” and in the FXX comedy series “Man Seeking Woman.”

The series debuts Feb. 8 on Hulu.

Watch the trailer below: