It’s a New Dawn for Dumbfoundead in Latest Music Video

Mae Hamilton
Jan 10,2019
Dumbfoundead's "Pink Bleu Dawn"Dumbfoundead's "Pink Bleu Dawn"

Never one to be afraid of change, it seems like “Pink Bleu Dawn” is a sign that “Dummie” is taking things in a new direction.

He released his EP “Cafe Bleu,” which includes “Pink Bleu Dawn,” in November last year.

The music video starts off with Dumbfoundead staggering through the streets of Seoul in a hospital gown, whited-out colored contacts, a heavily bandaged face and a long train of gauze trailing behind him. As the sky behind him slowly transitions from a drab blue-gray to a wild, fuschia pink, he throws off the bandages to embrace the morning.

Dumbfoundead first broke into the West Coast rap scene in the early 2000s and garnered a large online following with his skillfully executed and socially conscious lyrics. In addition to his work in music, he also produces the podcast “Fun With Dumb.”