Fil-Am Comic JR De Guzman Tapped For Netflix’s ‘The Comedy Lineup: Part 2’

Brittany Whang
Jul 25,2018
JR De Guzman (NBCUniversal)JR De Guzman (NBCUniversal)

Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup” is charged and ready for a second segment of the popular stand-up show, featuring eight up-and-coming comics and set to premiere on Aug. 31.

Filmed at the Terminal West music venue in Atlanta, “The Comedy Lineup: Part 2” will offer quick, 15-minute sets on engaging and relatable topics. The segment will star fresh talent including Filipino American comic JR De Guzman, Aisling Bea, Emma Willmann, Janelle James, Josh Johnson, Kate Willett, Matteo Lane and Max Silvestri.

De Guzman is a comic who has successfully meshed his passions for music and comedy into one. In order to make do as a creative artist, he worked as a vocal instructor by day and simultaneously pursued a career in stand-up comedy by night. In one interview, De Guzman said he always had an affinity for stand-up comedy, but becoming a professional comedian only presented itself as a real option after he attended an open mic session in Sacramento.

In 2016, De Guzman won the StandUp NBC competition and was highlighted as a “New Face” at the Just for Laughs 2017 festival. His debut album released in February 2017, “Dual Citizen,” was  also well-received. It puts a humorous twist on the ups and downs of being both Filipino and American, speaking from his personal struggles and epiphanies.

De Guzman’s work can also be found on Season 2 of “Coming to the Stage” on Hulu, Comedy Central’s “Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City,” and MTV’s “Acting Out.”