Friday’s Link Attack: Roy Choi, Kim Yuna, Jeju Island

Y. Peter Kang
Aug 19,2011

Beechwood To Shutter, W. Indian Roy Choi Concept To Come

Eater LA

Kogi taco truck founder Roy Choi was named the new head chef at chic Venice restaurant Beechwood back in June but it appears the menu changes have evolved into a complete overhaul.

Roy divulged that Beechwood will shutter indefinitely! Not only that, but Roy and [owner Dave] Reiss will introduce an entirely new eating establishment with a whole new look and new West Indian menu. Right now the new restaurant’s name is still to be determined, and the goal is to close Beechwood toward the end of October and reopen the new spot on Nov. 1.

10 Questions with Figure Skater Kim Yu-Na

South Koreans call her Queen Yu-na. At just 20 years old this TIME 100 alum is a reigning Olympic champion, an ambassador for figure skating and a national hero. After winning gold in Vancouver, she devoted herself to the city of Pyeongchang’s successful bid to host the 2018 Games. Now three sold-out ice shows later, she is heading back from Seoul to Los Angeles for more training. She talked to TIME about loving her fans, hating Mondays and becoming her mother.

Island’s Naval Base Stirs Opposition in South Korea
New York Times

Dozens of banners adorn this village on the southern coast of South Korea’s southernmost major island, trumpeting anxieties that have invaded this otherwise idyllic community and divided it so deeply that residents say some fathers and sons have stopped talking to one another.

“Fight to the death against the American imperialists’ anti-China naval base!” says one banner.

That declaration — and the underlying issue dividing this village of 1,000 fishermen and farmers on Jeju Island — mirrors the broader quandary South Korea faces, caught between the United States, its longstanding military ally, and China, its former battlefield foe but now its leading trading partner.

Baby OK after tree branch snaps

A nine-month-old boy is lucky to be alive after a large tree branch smashed into the car he was in Thursday, Aug. 18.

Sue Kim: the greatest American story never told
Northwest Asian Weekly

Before Tiger Woods, Margaret Cho, and Michelle Wie, there were the Kim Sisters.

Few Americans know the Kim Sisters, arguably one of the most talented and internationally recognized musical acts for generations, were the preeminent female act of the 1960s. Their sold-out shows rivaled those of Sammy Davis Jr., Sinatra, and later in the 70s and 80s, Elvis and John Travolta.

Now, the story of Sue Kim, the lead singer of the group, is being featured in a book and film.

North Korea Agrees to Talks Over Missing American Soldiers
New York Times

North Korea said Friday that it had agreed to talks with the United States on searching for and returning the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War in the early 1950s and buried in the reclusive country.

Is b-boying past its pinnacle?
The Korea Herald

Amid a declining number of shows, the Korea Herald explores whether the breakdancing trend in Korea has peaked.

Interjections to use when you’re frustrated

This is an amusing educational video for those hoping to learn conversational Korean.