Gang Dong-won’s Latest is South Korean Thriller ‘Golden Slumber’

Tae Hong
Feb 14,2018
Gang Dong-won in "Golden Slumber" (CJ Entertainment)Gang Dong-won in "Golden Slumber" (CJ Entertainment)

The latest from Gang Dong-won, one of South Korea’s top film stars, is on its way to North America this month.

The crime thriller “Golden Slumber,” premiering in Los Angeles and Buena Park on Feb. 16 and out Feb. 23 nationwide, follows a mail courier (Gang) who is framed for the assassination of a presidential candidate.

Directed by indie filmmaker Noh Dong-seok, the film is based on “Remote Control,” an award-winning 2009 crime novel by Japanese author Isaka Kotaro. Han Hyo-joo and Kim Eui-sung also star.

Gang, one of Chungmuro’s most recognizable faces, has led some of South Korea’s biggest box office hits in recent years, from “Master” to “1987: When the Day Comes.” The actor will make his Hollywood debut next year in “Tsunami LA,” a disaster action pic from Simon West.

Noh’s previous works include “My Generation” and “Boys of Tomorrow,” both critical hits.

Here’s the full synopsis from distributor CJ Entertainment:

A warm-hearted and hard-working delivery man, Geon-woo, gets his 15-minutes of fame when he is named the Model Citizen. His old high school bandmate, Mu-yeol, gets in touch with him, and during their long overdue reunion, a presidential candidate gets assassinated in front of them in a horrific terrorism bombing. Amidst the chaos, Mu-yeol tells an unbelievable story: this is a set-up, and Geon-woo is supposed to take the fall as the assassin and blow himself up. Mu-yeol gives a name card to Geon-woo, tells him to trust no one, then kills himself.

In an utter shock and confusion, Geon-woo scrambles from the scene but becomes a wanted fugitive as the killer of a presidential candidate. From surveillance camera to fingerprints and eyewitnesses, fabricated evidence points to him as the terrorist. Geon-woo seeks the man on the name card, a former operative, and gets his help to escape, but as the invisible forces close in on him, his friends and family are exposed to danger.