K-pop Playlist of the Week: A Strong Start to 2018

Mary Grace Costa
Jan 11,2018
Infinite's "Tell Me"Infinite's "Tell Me"

If the first few K-pop releases of the new year are any indication of what the rest of 2018 will sound like, then we’ve got plenty to look forward to. Here are the hits we’re kicking the year off with!

“Tell Me” – INFINITE

INFINITE is back with a vengeance in “Tell Me,” a synth-driven, EDM and tropical house-influenced track that comes with an equally dreamy music video.


“Paint Me” – Mamamoo

Mamamoo’s “Paint Me” may be a ballad, but it is by no means less powerful than any of their poppier releases. The girls’ powerhouse vocals and solid technique are the stars of the show in this song.


“Instagram” – Dean

Chill coffee shop music has always been Dean’s specialty, but he’s still somehow able to top his latest best. “Instagram” is making a killing on Korean streaming charts.


“Lower” – Amber x Luna

The girls of f(x) reunite to give us this hopping, high-energy club song that’s perfect for meeting up with old friends and dancing the night away.


“Don’t Leave” – Block B

Known for their bombastic hip-hop hits, Block B is taking advantage of the cooler weather by releasing this smooth ballad track.