This Is Forever by Dan-ah Kim

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Apr 09,2011
Will Yun Lee plays Taka in USA Network's "Falling Water."

Using a careful combination of hand-cut paper, gouache, hand-stitching and other mixed media, Brooklyn-based artist Dan-ah Kim creates magical worlds we’d love to get lost in. She’s currently showing a new collection of work starting today at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA. (Released as a web preview, these are some of her pieces she is exhibiting.)

This Is Forever features a collection of over 40 mixed media works on paper and wood from Timothy Karpinski and Dan-ah Kim.

Most of Kim’s pieces begin with drawing and painting and then successively gets layered with papers and hand sewn elements. Through these overlapping textures she hopes to enrich the experience of viewing the story. Though beautiful and whimsical on screen, we’re sure you’d appreciate them even more in person. (In fact, check out Thinkspace’s sneak peek photos on Flickr to see how they come together.)

This is Forever will run from April 9th to April 23rd. If you can, make sure to check it out!

Dan-ah Kim’s website
via [My Modern Metropolis]

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