MC Jin & Tim Be Told


MC JIN: The journey for rapper/actor Jin (aka MC JIN) has had its share of peaks and valleys, but what no one can deny is that it has been a journey of many “firsts”. The first battle champion on BET’s 106& Park’s Freestyle Fridays. The first Asian American to sign to a major record label (Ruff Ryders).  The first American hiphop artist to cross over to Asia, where his debut Chinese album achieved gold status in Hong Kong. And upon Jin’s return to the US, we have seen Jin on the big screen in RZA’s MAN WITH THE IRON FIST and Martin Scorsese’s REVENGE OF THE GREEN DRAGONS, along with the release of Jin’s newest album titled “XIV:LIX” (14:59) – a testimony and reflection from Jin’s perspective when faced with this singular question: what do you do with the last second of your fifteen minutes of fame?


Tim Be Told: It’s been 7 years since Tim Ouyang and Andrew Chae began Tim Be Told out of a college apartment in Charlottesville, VA. They recorded their first album, “Getting By” in a tiny living room to the dismay of their adjacent neighbors. Since then, the band has released 4 albums, albeit not without struggles and hardships that forced the band underground. Faced with a decision to either be silenced or to rise from the ashes, Tim Be Told re-emerged with their new album “Mighty Sound”. In his first public entry since 2011, Tim wrote: “While the songs on Mighty Sound were birthed within struggle, I resolved to create something that would celebrate the triumphs within the disappointments, instead of mourning in the ruins of our wailing wall. I didn’t pen these songs because of our troubles; I wrote these songs in spite of them. Because it’s easy to complain about hardship, but it’s much harder to be grateful for what is good in the midst of it… After all, money is one of those things you can always make back, but time wasted on worry, bitterness and fear is time that is lost for good.” Hope is still alive.

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