Watch The Thrilling Trailer For Steven Yeun’s ‘Mayhem’

Rachel Ann Cauilan
Oct 09,2017
Steven Yeun in "Mayhem"Steven Yeun in "Mayhem"

In “Mayhem,” Steven Yeun plays the leading man in the fight to survive an outbreak at work — an airborne virus that causes people to live out their most violent and sexual desires.

The entertaining action-packed horror film is straight-up mayhem. David Opie of Movie Pilot writes: “‘Mayhem’ is a blood-splattered exploitation flick that brings a wicked sense of humor to the table, providing catharsis for all of the disgruntled workers out there who have ever been stepped on by the man upstairs.”

In it, Yeun plays David Cho, an attorney who finds he is wrongfully fired the day his law firm is quarantined with a dangerous virus and causes all those infected to act on their impulses.

A film that blends the right amount of culture satire and adrenaline-filled horror, “The Walking Dead” star is making a name as Hollywood leading man.

“Mayhem” is directed by Joe Lynch and written by Matias Caruso. It also stars Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Dallas Roberts, Mark Frost and Andre Erikson. The film just premiered at BeyondFest this past weekend and is set to premiere in select theaters and on VOD November 10.

You can watch the trailer below:

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